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Welcome to Celltec Air Conditioning

We know Air Conditioning

Celltec Air Conditioning is a company who has developed a reputation for being thorough, reliable and efficient.

Our company has been operating under the Celltec banner since 2000, although our knowledge and expertise comes from our history of the original operation of Air Waves Mechanical Services Pty Ltd (1990-2000). To further diversify our company in 2000, with the knowledge of running a business we changed our ways of thinking to correct wrongs and establish more stability and a customer service orientated company. We modified our company in a way to make it a more modern company that is constantly updated with OH&S and complying with all trade rules and regulations. Evidently our experience in the industry is very immense.  Since inception, our company has relied on its commitment to quality and superb customer service, with no allegiance to one specific system manufacturer we are able to offer you the client the most cost effective, efficient and greater range of solutions for your air conditioning needs.  The design of an air conditioning system can distinguish it from a good design to a bad one, we supply and install Australia’s leading brands.

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Our clients require a professional and competent service company to maintain their mechanical services to an efficient level of operation while minimizing breakdowns.  We specialize in customising a plan to suit the individual client.  Both our management and technicians are fully qualified and experienced in this field.



Our best practice processes, our experienced professional team and our development and adoption of the latest technological innovations ensure that we deliver a first rate service or product to our customers, on time, every time.  We aim to be at the forefront of the designand delivery of sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient solutions.



Preventative Plan Maintenance Agreements enable clients to be pro-active in maintaining air conditioning systems. The benefits include improved comfort levels, cost effective,  efficiency and reliability leading to a reduction in repair costs and an increase in the life expectancy of the systems.